Lisa's life, currently 51 years young, has revolved around a passion for both fitness and healthcare. Active in both team and individual sports while being personally driven to have a career in healthcare, Lisa worked as a Medical Assistant even before her high school graduation. 

That drive manifested into an RN degree from Texas Women's University with post graduate work at the University of Texas Southwest Medical School as a Women's Healthcare Nurse Practitioner. She worked in that capacity for 23 years until her parents developed serious health issues in which she was blessed to be able to help care for them. 

Even while pursuing her career in Healthcare, she continued to stay physically fit through both sports and a personal training regime. Initially it was to keep herself fit, but her desire to help others led her to becoming certified in different aerobic disciplines and eventually moved her into Yoga. 

Much like her general fitness focus, at first Yoga was a personal journey initially motivated as a result of a physical injury. However, she soon became motivated to teach Yoga inside of a class setting. Lisa's first Yoga certification, Yoga Fit, focused on the practice from a fairly physical standpoint.

Lisa still leads a very popular weekly Yoga class a national gym, and has also taught Yoga for a corporate wellness center for over 14 years. While much of her Yoga discipline continues to center around Yoga for fitness, she has personally matured her Yoga practice to take on a special interest in the therapeutic side of Yoga, which focuses on both mind and body with emphasis on any areas of concern.

She has always felt the mind and the body need to work in harmony, and she currently incorporates segments of this Yoga into her classes, but she is also passionate about specializing her craft during private sessions that focuses on specific needs of her students. It is in this way that Lisa feels like she can really bring both of her passions together for the best interest of those she has an opportunity to teach.

Lisa resides in central Texas with her husband, 4 grown sons, 1 dog, and many friends. She enjoys playing tennis - even mixed doubles with her husband, taking (and teaching) Yoga classes, going on long walks and hikes, traveling, and working as a Substitute Registered Nurse in a large school district.